Thursday, 8 October 2009

Round Robins

I was voted in as the Coordinator or some call it Chairman of Plym Piecemakers in January 2009. As many members have never participated in a round robin, I organised a Row by Row Round Robin for Plym Piecemakers in Plymouth (Devon UK).
There are four groups, with six quilters in each group, taking part. I'm in the team called Patsy's Pride. We were meant to swap our bags at this week's meeting. All the quilters were excited as they were going to get their own bags back. But I have had a sewing nightmare. I got stuck on the second round. I could not think of what to do for theme of countryside without animals. I passed the bag on to the next member and requested that it should be given back to me later in the project.
I now have all the bags but mine in my sewing room. Each one waiting to receive a row. And each owner waiting to receive their bags home. I have taken part in many round robins and this is the first time that I have struggle to complete on time.
The photo is to prove that I have completed one round and only three to go!!! Who's round is it?
Wait and see.....