Monday, 21 April 2014


I have been asked about Holly by several blogging friends.  Holly is my Horizon 8900QC that came to live with me in November 2013.  This sewing machine comes with an instruction book and a instructional dvd.  I will be writing more posts about other functions of the Janome Horizon 8900QC in the near future, so if you have a query or question please feel free to ask me.  
I have been asked to teach several free motion quilting workshops in the next few months. So with this in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to make some samples and get some practise with Holly over the bank holiday.
The above photo shows the convertible free motion quilting foot with open-toe attached.  Notice the round nut on the right at the top.  
The Horizon comes with a convertible free motion foot that can be fitted with three different feet for quilting. A close-toe foot, open-toe foot and a clear view foot.  Once your chosen foot is attached, it can be adjust in height by turning the round nut until the foot barely touches the fabric.   
The Horizon also comes with a standard daring foot.  This is the foot that I usually use for my free motion quilting.  I did like the convertible free motion quilting foot attached with the open-toe foot.
The sample below was sewn on the Horizon 8900QC. 
I do not take Holly out of my sewing room, I normally take Jan my Janome CXL301 to workshops.

Jan is perfect to take out and about to a class/workshop.  In my opinion this sewing machine is ideal for those that are new to sewing or like me, an advanced quilter that needs a second machine that is more portable to take to classes/workshops and can be easily used by my students.  I will write a separate post about Jan in the coming months.     

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