Friday, 13 October 2017

Disappearing Four Patch

I first posted this on my sister blog and then again here in April 2104.  I am reposting again today to make it easier for my students to find this blog post.

You will need the following to make one block:
A)  One 5 x 5 inch blue plain/tone on tone.
B)  One 5 x 5 inch red plain/tone on tone.
C)  Two 5 x 5 inch white on white.
 Sew together as above to form a four patch block.  Press the seams open.

Cut 1 1/2 inches from the centre seam.  With each cut turn the board not the fabric, this will help to keep the fabric from moving.  Do not be tempted to move the pieces after each cut.  Once you have cut four times then check to make sure you have cut properly.
 Leave the four corners and centre blocks and turn the four outer middle blocks to form a new nine patch block.
 Once you are happy with the new block sew the block back together.  Pay extra attention to matching all the seams.
Next time you could vary the width of the cut from the centre seams.  It will give a different feel to the block.
Well done.