Monday, 23 March 2015

A Gift

I have made my dear friend Sue a fancy french sewing/jewellery roll.
I used cream linen for the main fabric and polka dot linen for the pockets.
I used perle thread in a matching red colour to quilt hearts on the front on the roll.
The ribbon is hand stitched using silk thread.  This sewing roll is a Mandy Shaw design from her 'Quilt Yourself Gorgeous' book.

Plym Jar £1.00
Total £7.70

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Fabric Bowls

I have been busy making more fabric bowls.
 Each of these bowls start off as an nine inch square.
 Changing the depth when folding gives a different size bowl. 
These bowls are quick and easy to make.  They make wonderful gifts especially if you fill them with chocolates.  I also sell them at local craft fairs.

Plym Jar 3x 20p = 60p
Total £6.70 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Loughwood Meeting House

Loughwood Meeting House is four miles west of Axminster, off the Axminster - Honiton road (A35).
It is a 17th century thatched Baptist meeting house.  This church is one of the first baptist church in England.
The baptismal pool is situated beneath the pulpit with its bible.
This is the view from the pulpit.

The view from the galley towards the pulpit..
The King James Bible.
The graveyard.
Loughwood is located in Devon but when the church was built its was in Dorset. The change of county is due to boundary changes between the two counties many years ago.  

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mothering Sunday

Today is Mothering Sunday in Great Britain.  On Friday I made two bags for my mother and mother-in-law.
 The blue bag is for my mother.
Each bag has a waterproof lining fabric.
 The outer fabric is oil cloth.  The other name for this type of fabric is PVC cloth.
 This bag is for my mother-in-law.
 Happy Mother's Day.

Plym Jar 2 x 20p = 40p
Total £6.10

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

St Catherine's by the Sea

We arrived in the beautiful county of Dorset for a week's break yesterday.
Many years ago we lived in this wonderful county.
If you park in the National Trust car park above Ringstead,  there are a number of enjoyable walks along the coastal path.  We walked to the far end of the car park, through the gate and down the hill.
Follow the signs to Ringstead.  At the bottom of the hill you will find a charming church called St Catherine's by the Sea.  It has refreshments in the hallway for the wary walker and most important toilets!
Take time to sit in the garden/graveyard to enjoy the views.  It is so peaceful. It was a clear day today and I managed to get a photo of the Isle of Portland. 
The above photo is the pebble path as you leave the church and re-join the coastal path.  I thought it would make an interesting quilt pattern.