Tuesday, 10 March 2015

St Catherine's by the Sea

We arrived in the beautiful county of Dorset for a week's break yesterday.
Many years ago we lived in this wonderful county.
If you park in the National Trust car park above Ringstead,  there are a number of enjoyable walks along the coastal path.  We walked to the far end of the car park, through the gate and down the hill.
Follow the signs to Ringstead.  At the bottom of the hill you will find a charming church called St Catherine's by the Sea.  It has refreshments in the hallway for the wary walker and most important toilets!
Take time to sit in the garden/graveyard to enjoy the views.  It is so peaceful. It was a clear day today and I managed to get a photo of the Isle of Portland. 
The above photo is the pebble path as you leave the church and re-join the coastal path.  I thought it would make an interesting quilt pattern.

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