Thursday, 30 April 2015

Natures Journey

I am a slow starter for the stitch-a-long project called Natures Journey by Anni Downs.

I cut all the squares out for the applique at the start of the project.
I also cut the templates out of plastic for the embroidery. 
The next step is to choose embroidery threads.  I have match the thread colour with the block colour.
I complete the embroidery on the blocks before I started the applique.  I sit in my garden during the afternoon whist the sun is shining and stitch.
Chooky has set us a timetable.  I am alittle behind this month again so back I go to my stitching!! 

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

One Project A Month.

I have had my Etsy shop now for over five years but have done nothing with it until now.
Due to my recent surgery I have to take time out for several months. So my dear daughter,  Baby Girl, has been helping me to get my act together and uploading items to sell on my Etsy.
I have been getting lots of traffic looking at my items and making some lovely comments.
My first sale is for eight bags from a lovely lady in the States looking for gifts for her bridesmaids.  So I had made eight of my boxed bags. 

Plym Jar 20p x 8 = £1.60
Total £9.30