Sunday, 21 March 2010

Who's wants to make a BAG? Part Four

Baste the two strip rectangle onto your wadding, as shown. I use 505 spray to baste. It is important to leave about five inches spare at the top and bottom. DO NOT add a backing fabric. Quilt as desired. Yes, you can quilt without a backing fabric. I quilted a quarter inch from the seam on all strips without stopping. I continue stitching on the wadding until I reached the next seam as shown on the photo below.
When you have finished quilting, press to set the stitches.
I have crop the photo above so you can see the continuous quilting. I have left my five inches both above and below the strips for the next part.
I will not leave it so long to post the next part. I am sorry that I have not posted sooner but life has been very busy here recently. See you soon.

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