Saturday, 1 January 2011

My word for 2011

Where did the last year go? 2010 was meant to be my year for finishing all my UFO's. I have many projects that need to be finish, I am well into double figures. Another New Year has passed and the log cabin quilt is still not completed. I have lost count how many years it has waited for me to finish the quilting.
I am going to list the UFOs on the sidebar as I finish them. Why? I need to be open and honest to get me motivated or 'shamed' into reducing my UFO stash.
My word for 2010 was 'clutter'. I wanted to declutter my sewing and studio rooms as well as my house and life. I have not made any progress decluttering but will continue to try again this year.
My word for 2011 - 'Frugal'. Make do and use what I have! No unnecessary spending and selling what I do not use or need anymore. It is no use trying to keep things I do not want or use, it is just plain waste.

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