Monday, 14 February 2011

A Little Rant!!

I have not been blogging due to a well known telephone company not listening to Mr Daisychain and I when we inform them that we cannot use our phone line.  There has been a increasing amount of cackling noise when trying to use the phone and we will not even mention the broadband service.  Since we returned from our travels we have been battling with them to replace the cable from the junction box to our house.  We had an engineer visit us every week to check our line.  Each time they have not been able to find the problem, just blaming the poor weather conditions for the poor service and then charging us over £130 for the engineer's visit!!! 
Well as you can imagine, I lost my temper with the company last week and told them that we have had enough.  So out come another engineer to test all our sockets and phone line again.  How many times has it been tested in the last three months?   This time the engineer heard the problem and informed me that it was not in the house but outside!!  At last we were getting somewhere.  He went off to test the line at some junction box up a pole in our neighbour's garden and came back within the hour to inform me that we needed a new cable.  Two hours later the engineer had replaced the cable.
Are you thinking that the phone company instructed the engineer to replace the cable in order to please us?  I thought that too and asked to see the old cable as I wanted to see what had cause us so many problems.  The cable was worn and split plus the metal wire inside had started to go rusty.  Now waiting for the £130 to be refunded as the cause of all the problems was not inside the house.  I wonder how long that will take!!

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