Sunday, 27 March 2011

B.S.T. and Census Day

This is the day that I have been waiting for since October.  Here in Great Britain we changed our clocks to British Summer Time.  That mean we lost an hour's sleep last night.  Which in turns means we start getting lighter evenings. I love B.S.T.  I seam to get much more done with the lighter evenings and warmer days.

The other important thing about today is it is Census Day too.  Every ten years there is a count of the population of Great Britain.  This year we received a booklet that asked all sort of questions.  If any household does not fill their census booklet and return soon there is one thousand pound fine.  There is an option to fill the census online.  I told Mr Daisychain that we should fill in the booklet and let the government transfer the information on to the computer themselves!!

In a hundred years when this census is realised to the public, anyone tracing my family history will find me living in yet another new county.  I wonder where I will be in ten years time?

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