Friday, 31 August 2012

Off the Wall Fridays and OPAM again

Once again Nina-Marie is hosting the 'Off the Wall Friday' blog link party, this is our second week.  Where has the time gone this last week?
I have been helping my Baby Girl, who is an Art Textiles student, with making her first quilt.  I gave her the calico so she could learn how to dye and screen print on her foundation course last year.  She made several garments with the finished fabric. With the leftover fabric she thought it would be nice to make a lap quilt to throw over her sofa in her new flat. I gave Baby Girl the black border fabric from my stash and some instructions on how to attach the borders.
I have 'blocked' and squared the quilt and sewing the binding on now. Here is a question - would it be considered a two person quilt if we were to enter the quilt into a show?


Nina Marie said...

ohhhh cool!! I keep on asking my 15 yr old if she wants to take up fabric but ohhh nooo she keeps on grabbing her watercolors and acrylics - traitor!! How old is your daughter?

Marit said...

Can't answer the question for you, but you are lucky to have a daughter involved in fiber art with you! The quilt is lovely and what a great memory it will be for you both.