Monday, 18 March 2013

Bean Bags

Over the years I have made lots of beans bags. When Baby Girl moved out to her own flat, she asked if I could make her a new bean bag.
So if I am going to make one I might as well cut and make two or more bean bags.  On a trip to Ikea I spotted two fabrics that I thought Baby Girl and Little Boy would like for their new grown up bean bags.

I made four bean bags in the end!! Baby Girl and Master J, plus Little Boy and Missie L. I always make an inner bag to hold the beans so if the outer bag needs washing if is easy to remove.  Beans can get every where so it is important to stitch the inner bag close with a very small stitch and several rows of stitching on a sewing machine.    
Now all I have to do is make a new bean bag for me, maybe sometime later this year. 

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