Thursday, 6 March 2014

Goosey Quilters

I had a wonderful time with Goosey Quilters this evening.  They always give Mr D and myself a warm welcome.  The theme for this year is 'make do and mend'.
I cut lots of shapes on my 'Accuquilt Go' yesterday.  It takes only a few minutes to cut shapes for the whole group. 
As part of the theme is to use up our scraps and Goosey Quilt show is in September, I taught them how to make two types of pin cushions. These are great items for a sales table.  A simple round pin cushion that members could make in ten minutes or if they are new to sewing.  The second pin cushion takes a little longer and is larger than the round cushion.  Most members started the large pin cushion first.  They wanted to make and finish the cushion whilst I was at the meeting.
I also took my 'Accuquilt Go and Accuquilt Baby' so members could try cutting fabrics on the machines.  
Goosey Quilt Show in Tavistock on Thursday 11th - Saturday 13th September 2014. 

Plym Jar
9 x 20p = £1.80   

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