Monday, 24 December 2012

Global Sealed Pot Challenge

I have be challenged by the idea of several bloggers that using sealed pot to save for a special occasion.  I have joined the challenge at SFT blog. There are over eighty bloggers saving each week in their sealed pots until December 2013. 

1.  Emptying my purse of loose change each week into my pot.
2.  Saving all my £2 coins into my pot.
3.  Save and no spend days. Fed the pot by not having coffee or lunch out.
4.  Making all my own gifts for family and friends birthdays etc, including cards. Fed the pot.
5.  Fed the pot with the money saved when using coupons at the supermarket.
6.  Save money and fed the pot by using my very large fabric stash rather than buying more fabric for new projects.
7.  Fed the pot by not buying a chocolate bar. Oh this may be hard to achieve.
8.  Walk to local shops in village. Use car only when really necessary.

I will try to write an update each week in 2013 on the progress of the sealed pot challenge.

1 comment:

pizzaeater said...

My husband and I are always looking for ways to save money. I like the idea of saving change in a sealed pot. I think I might see what I can do this year.