Friday, 1 May 2015

Katipatch Friendship Sister Swap

Whilst visiting New Zealand on my first visit in 2007, I happen upon the quilt shop called Katipatch.  Carol and Cindy were organising their first Friendswap Block Swap.   
I signed up immediately.  The idea is that you purchase at least half metre of fabric that Carol has chosen.  The photo above is the fabric for this year's swap.
Then make blocks using the fabric somewhere within the block.  There is always a theme.  This year's theme was butterflies.  The size is usually 12 inch finished.
Another rule for this year, we were allowed to use any technique to make our butterflies blocks.   The last rule, all the blocks must be signed with your name, location and year date.

Then all the blocks are sent to Carol at Katipatch by the date set in the rules.  This year the blocks needed to be with Carol by the 1st May.  Carol swaps all the blocks and send your swapped blocks back to you.   Simple. 
Pop over to Katipatch to sign up for the next swap.  I will see you there!!

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