Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Global Sealed Pot Challenge

This is my second year as a member of the Global Sealed Pot Challenge.  Mr D and I once again have our own tins.  We are saving for Christmas 2014.  It was wonderful last year to pay for all our Christmas gifts and food in cash.  We set a budget for each gift and planned our Christmas and New Year meals.  It was great not to have lots of food left over after the holidays.
I am going to use the same rules that I used last year for the challenge.  
1.  Emptying my purse of loose change each week into my pot.
2.  Saving all my £2 coins into my pot.
3.  Save and no spend days. Fed the pot by not having coffee or lunch out.
4.  Making all my own gifts for family and friends birthdays etc, including cards. Fed the pot.
5.  Fed the pot with the money saved when using coupons at the supermarket.
6.  Save money and fed the pot by using my very large fabric stash rather than buying more fabric for new projects.
7.  Fed the pot by not buying a chocolate bar. Oh this may be hard to achieve.
8.  Walk to local shops in village. Use car only when really necessary.
The yellow tin we decided not to open last year as it was only half full.  So we are going to carry on using that tin for this year's challenge.  If we fill it up before the end of the challenge we have decided to wait until December to open it with our main tins.
The red tin has been sitting in our kitchen for several years now.  We have decided to continue using it when our yellow tin becomes full.  
So we have four tins that all need feeding with coins.  So here we go.......  
P.S If you would like to join the challenge, pop over and see Saving for Travel.  

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