Friday, 3 January 2014

Plym's 2014 Jar

 At the Plym Piecemaker's Christmas party in December each member was given a present.
This is our new year project.

Start 2014 with an empty jar, every time..

Something good happens..
Learn something new..
Finish a project..
Something that to make you smile..

Write it on a piece of paper, and put in jar.
On December 31st 2014, open jar and read all the little remarks and feel proud of what you've achieved throughout the year.

I am changing the rules as I always do!!
Finish a project..
Tiny size 1p - 2p
Small size5p - 20p
Meduim size 50p
Large size £1
Extra large £2
These are the coins I will be putting into my jar every time a finish a project. Then at the end of the year I will be able to treat myself to a special quilting gift!!!!

1 comment:

Sue Wild said...

That sounds a good idea. I've already thought of joining a challenge or two, should keep me motivated