Friday, 2 May 2014

Cast Offs

On Wednesday, I sent a text to the Cast Off girls saying that they were to wear old clothes and bring an apron plus lunch to the Cast Offs meeting on Friday at my house.  I did not say why! 
During that day, I found some fabric that I had wash and prepared for a dyeing day some months earlier but must had forgotten all about it.
So I wash it again and thought the girls might like to play with all my fabric paints and dyes. Hence the text to them.
I got the dyes, stamps and screen printing equipment out too.  I gave them a very quick demo and then let them loose to do their own thing.     
This did mean showing them my fabric paint and dye cupboards.  I have alot of stuff, all treasure.
I have an old kitchen that is in need of being replace so it really did not matter if we made a mess.  But the Cast Offs girls are so tidy.   
I hope they had fun.  They all went home tired but with some great fabric pieces.
Kay and Sheila drying their fabrics with a hairdryer!!!  The first photo in this post is Kay watching Jean screen printing.  Jean has a natural gift for screen printing.
Sue's fabric dyed blue then when dried Sue screen printed in silver paint the leaves, then stamped with black paint. 
I cannot wait to see what they make with their fabric.......

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