Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Lazy Day

The weather today was fantastic, clear bule sky and warm sunshine. Mr D and I spent the whole day on Crantock beach enjoying the peaceful view and catching up on our reading.
Whilst at Trago Mills on Monday, Mr D purchased a new book to read called Bottoms Up in Belgium by Alec Le Sueur.   I started reading Pegasus Bridge by Stephen E. Ambrose whilst on holiday in France last year.  Pegasus Bridge was the first engagement of D-Day.  It is a account given by the men of British 6th Airborne Division lead by Major John Howard and the german soldiers station at the bridge. I really feel strongly that we should not forget the men and women of this country that gave their lives for our freedom.
Mr D and I have often paid our respects to our fallen in Normandy and at other Commonwealth War Graves Cemeteries across the world.  One of the most moving cemeteries to visit is Le Cambe German Cemetery in Normandy.  The German fallen are buried in graves that hold up to five/six soldiers in one plot.  After the war the french refused for the germans to buried their dead on french soil.  La Cambe was an american cemetery until they relocate all the fallen  to Omaha cemetery.  As La Cambe was officially american soil they gave it to Germany to bury their fallen.  Every year german school children visit the site to maintain the cemetery.
As you can tell I know alot about the events that happen during the world wars.  I can recommend reading the Pegasus Bridge book.     
The photo above show the fabric that I purchased at Trago Mills on Monday.  I am going to make bags with the blue, orange and pink fabrics.  I could not resist the fabric with postage marks on as I thought it would make lovely fabric postcards.
Anyway back to my book.   

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