Sunday, 15 June 2014


Jamie Malden from Colouricious has been in Devon this weekend.  Jamie gave a wonderful talk yesterday at the Quilter's Guild day in Exeter.  She told us how and why she started her company Colouricious. We learnt about the history of block printing and how to use the blocks.  She had boxes of finished items she had made with her fabrics.  She is so inspiring.
Then she came to teach a block printing workshop at Exe Valley CQ today. What a delightful time we all had messing about with fabric paint and wooden blocks.  It was my kind of heaven. I have met Jamie many times at national quilt shows and purchased  hundreds a few printing blocks!  I received her weekly Colouricious newsletter every Monday morning.  Jamie has made many 'you tube' tutorials. 
Thank you Jamie for a wonderful weekend.

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Sue Wild said...

Lovely apron. Sounds as though you had a good time at the workshop.