Sunday, 14 February 2016

Charming Summer Throw

I am still recovering from my trip to London.  So it was a lazy day sewing samples for tomorrow class.  This quilt pattern is from Cotton Cocktails.  It is an easy pattern and very quick to sew.
I used nickle squares and strip roll from Creative Quilting.  I used one strip roll and three sets of nickel squares. My quilt top is slightly bigger than pattern and I have not added the final borders yet.  I have not decided what fabric to use for the outer border.  I still have five paler strips left for my strip roll which I could use.  The other choice could be a cream on cream fabric.  Or maybe both.

I think I will leave it pinned to be design wall for a few days and wait for my 'light bulb' moment to strike.  Then it will be time to wait for another IBM for the quilting!

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