Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Fabric Triangle Bowls

I have made three fabric triangle bowls this week.
Cut two triangles.  With right sides together, stitch a quarter inch seam allowance, leaving a small gap for turning in the middle of one side.
Trim points.  This is important as it will give a good finished point.
Hand stitch the gap close and press.  Two sides of your triangle have a bias cut so handle with care when pressing.
Fold triangle in half with outer fabric on the inside of fold.  Measure half way point and pin or mark..
Stitch by hand from the fold to the pin. Remember to only stitch your inner fabric which at the moment is on the outside.  Turn the right way when all three sides are stitched.
Fold the point over and stitch in place with button.  Repeat on the other two sides. 
Plym Jar
3 x 20p = 60p

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