Friday, 7 February 2014

Jelly Roll

Over a year ago, on a visit home from university, Baby Girl spotted a jelly roll in my sewing room that she liked.  I told her about the jelly roll race that was sweeping the quilting world.  Oh boy what a big mistake!!  I lost my jelly roll.  A few day later I got a phone call from Baby Girl to inform me that she had finished the jelly roll race top. 
 Baby Girl recently found that unfinished top and presented it to me to sew the borders on, quilt and bind it.  So I paid for the jelly roll, now I am paying for the border and backing fabric as well at the wadding . Then I have the pleasure of quilting and binding it too.  Now I am wondering if I get to keep the finished quilt or will it be claim back by Baby Girl.               

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